The Antiochian Men at St. Ignatius exist for the purpose of building up godly and responsible men who will serve their families as spiritual sons, husbands and fathers.  Our purpose is to give the men of St. Ignatius a supportive forum to learn from mature models of faith who are clergy and laity so the men of our church will love God and the Church and be able to obediently guide their wives and children into that unwavering love.

We meet for dinner as men several times per year, meet for men’s study groups and retreats.

The men who are active with the Antiochian Men are emotionally and spiritually connected to others at St. Ignatius like themselves who are juggling work, marriage, family and time for their own health and rest.  The camaraderie of other men who are also participating in the regular life of the church through the services, fasts and feasts builds a life-long bond of men who actively look for ways to serve others, give of themselves and learn how to walk obediently in the faith of the Saints and Church Fathers to become more Christ-like.

We help set up the Parish Hall for the upcoming feasts and dinners.

We also coordinate some of the charity outreach events throughout the year (Christmas baskets to local families, etc.).

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