Dear St. Ignatius Parishioners:

As our parish grows, so to, does our responsibility to provide thoughtful and caring attention to  our newly departed, as well as their surviving family members.

As the Bereavement MinistryTeam, we would like to ask everyone to complete and return the  enclosed questionnaire. No one knows the hour of their death, but when it occurs, a long list of  duties and requirements suddenly descends on the surviving family members. Other Orthodox

parishes have found that having answers to the enclosed questionnaire greatly helped them assist  and guide surviving family members through a most difficult time.

Planning for one’s own funeral while in good health is not morbid; on the contrary, since it  reflects thoughtful concern for those who remain. Planning will take care of details that, in the  absence of a plan, increase the suffering and grief of surviving family members.

With Fr. Philip’s blessing in this endeavor, please complete the enclosed questionnaire for each  person in your family, and return it/them to the church office. Please leave blank any question for  which you have no answer, or would rather not answer.

It is important and helpful to your church to have these on file. Thank you for taking care of this,  now!

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact Kh Terry Rogers, Alexandra Larrison,  Margie Naftal, Laurie Holmes, or Lisa Trimble. We can be reached by email at .