There are many ways to use your talents at St. Ignatius. To find out more about a ministry/team listed below, please find the contact information located at the end of each ministry description, or, email

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you know, Great Lent and Holy Week are a very busy liturgical season, and a considerable amount of the workload falls on our chanters. For this reason, I am appealing to you, the faithful of St. Ignatius, to please consider helping to read during the weekday services. Both Adults and Teens are encouraged to participate. I thank all of you in advance, and wish you all a spiritually profitable Fast. May God bless you!

In Christ, Fr. Philip

This is the link to sign up to read during Lenten services.

The St. Ignatius Acolytes are a group of boys and young men ages 5 years and up who respectfully serve during the worship service by participating in the processions, entries and serving of the Eucharist.

These boys and young men are trained in their tasks and rotate according to the St. Ignatius calendar which is published and distributed quarterly. Each service allows for a group of mixed ages so the younger acolytes can learn from the more experienced. They are vested in acolyte robes to match the color of vestments being worn by the clergy signifying the season of the church year.

The St. Ignatius acolytes must serve at their requested services or find replacements to fill-in for them if there are unable to serve at their appointed service and arrive early for that service to be vested and in place at their appointed time.

Acolytes are needed at each Divine Liturgy to assist in the service are supervised and trained by the clergy and sub-deacons at St. Ignatius.

For questions or to learn more, please email

Music is an integral part of our worship of God. The choir welcomes new members to whom God has given the gift of music. Liturgical music requires commitment to master and choir members are asked to commit to practices as deemed necessary by the choir director or priests.

For questions or to learn more, please email

Sacred Cleaning Team

Our mission is to serve God by beautifying the Temple through:

  • Removal of holy bread crumbs from the carpet and chairs after each Liturgy
  • Removal of wax from the floor, chairs and carpet as needed
  • Upkeep of candle cabinets, candles, narthex cabinets, candle stands, Baptismal font
  • Upkeep of Iconostasis, wooden stands and chanter stand.
  • Upkeep of Icons
  • Overall appearance of the Nave and Narthex

For questions or to join our team, please email

Both men and women are invited to become regular Epistle readers at St. Ignatius. To learn more or to volunteer, please email


6 Theophany (Epiphany) of Christ Titus 2:11-14; 3:4-7 (407) Naftel, Mark
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3 Last Judgment (Meat Fare) I Cor. 8:8-9:2 (296) Women’s Month
10 Forgiveness (Cheese Fare) Rom. 13:11-14:4 (302) Women’s Month
17 1st of Lent (Orthodoxy) Heb. 11:24-26, 32-40 (308) Women’s Month
24 2nd of Lent (Gregory Palamas) Heb. 1:10-2:3 (310) Women’s Month
31 3rd of Lent (Holy Cross) Heb. 4:14-5:6 (315) Women’s Month
7 4th of Lent (John Climacus) Heb. 6:13-20 (317) Kevorkian, Dan
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29 15th after Pentecost; 2nd of Luke II Cor. 4:6-15 (169) Baumgartner, Bill
6 16th after Pentecost; 3rd of Luke II Cor. 6:1-10 (175) Teen’s Month
13 Fathers of 7th Ecumenical Council;4th of Luke Titus 3:8-15 (361) Teen’s Month
20 18th after Pentecost; 6th of Luke II Cor. 9:6-11 (186) Teen’s Month
27 19th after Pentecost; 7th of Luke II Cor. 11:31-12:9 (191) Teen’s Month
3 20th Sunday after Pentecost; 5th of Luke Gal. 1:11-19 (196) Reynolds, Elijah
10 21st Sunday after Pentecost; 8th of Luke Gal. 2:16-20 (202) Smith, Joel
17 22nd after Pentecost; 9th of Luke Gal. 6:11-18 (207) Reynolds, Amanda
24 23rd after Pentecost; 13th of Luke Eph. 2:4-10 (212) Elliott, Randy
1 24th after Pentecost; 14th of Luke Eph. 2:14-22 (218) Naftel, Mark
8 25th after Pentecost; 10th of Luke Eph. 4:1-7 (224) Kevorkian, Dan
15 Hieromartyr Eleutherios Forefathers (Ancestors) of Christ II Tim. 1:8-18 (389) Baumgartner, Bill
22 Sunday before the Nativity (Genealogy) Heb. 11:9-10, 32-40 (390) Reynolds, Elijah
25 Nativity Smith, Joel
29 Sunday after the Nativity Gal. 1:11-19 (396) Reynolds, Amanda
Throughout the year, St. Ignatius gathers in fellowship on certain feast days and fasting periods. Examples include potlucks, Lenten Meals, and the Paschal Feast and Agape Picnic.

While we rely on everyone who attends to help clean up after themselves, coordinators and volunteers are still needed to plan, manage, and execute each event.

If you enjoy planning and organization, we invite you to consider being a coordinator. If you’d rather not plan or organize but would like to pitch in where needed, then please let us know when you’re available!

For questions or to volunteer, please email

Festal Decorating Committee

We are responsible for organizing, preparing and decorating the church sanctuary with appropriate seasonal flowers and accents for approximately 12 of the church feast days throughout the year. Our purpose is to beautify the church sanctuary with flowers as a proclamation that we are in Paradise and that our Church is Eden restored through communion with God.

For many of the feast days of the church, our responsibilities may include:

  • Communication with Father to determine the decorating needs for each feast
  • Communication with florist and ordering flowers as needed
  • Pick up and delivery of flowers and other decorations
  • Creation of arrangements for icon stands, windows and cross drapes
  • Arrangement and placement of all decorations, including using a ladder for placement on the top of the iconostasis (This usually takes place 1-2 days before the actual feast day.)
  • Clean up of all decorations after the leave-taking of each feast (This usually takes place one week after the feast day.)

Worshiping in the Orthodox Church uses all of our senses, and using flowers and candles
helps draw our attention to the purpose of the feast. The festal committee is just one of the
ministries that helps show how many people it actually takes to keep the Church going. We,
and our families, become willing servents to sweep up, place flowers, or whatever is needed.
The smaller group size allows for meaningful conversation while we work, deepening our
relationships and trust in each other. Many times it allows for individual work in a silent and
empty sanctuary, a perfect time for prayer and reflection while serving the church.

The Festal Decorating committee encourages those who are committed to serving several times a year, behind the scenes in the days leading up to each feast and clean up afterward. Couples and families are welcome. You do not need floral arranging experience, just a love of flowers and of the church.

For questions or to volunteer, please email

The purpose of the church school nursery is to provide warm, loving care for children under 3 years of age during Sunday school and Orthros service (from approx 8:45-9:55am) for the duration of the the church school calendar year.  The nursery will not be staffed during times of the year when church school does not meet.

The goal of nursery workers is to provide training and instruction which will help prepare the children for the atrium environment.  The nursery will be staffed by 2 adult volunteers at all times.  Nursery workers are not allowed to change diapers and no food is permitted.

If you are interested in becoming a nursery volunteer please contact  

Presided over by the priest, the Parish Council is charged with overall administration and oversight of various components of church life. The council consists of the Priest; a chairperson; a treasurer; a secretary; men’s commission chairperson; women’s commission chairperson; Sunday School director; building and grounds commission chairperson; and two at-large members. Tenure on the parish council is normally, but not limited to, two years. Service begins in September and any member of St. Ignatius in good standing can be nominated by another member in good standing for service on the Parish Council.

For questions or more information, please contact

Families/Individuals at St. Ignatius are given the privilege of making the communion bread that will be offered to God and served on His table and transformed into the source of Eternal Life.

Families/Individuals are scheduled usually once every three to four months to prepare the Holy Bread for a Divine Liturgy.

It is a sacred honor and blessing to offer the Holy Bread for our Eucharistic service. You are given the opportunity to commemorate the names of your living and departed family and friends to be included in the prayers of the service.

Preparing the prosphora is a very important responsibility. You are to be in good standing in the church and receive approval from Fr. Philip to participate. You are to be committed to preparing the bread on the day you are assigned or switch times with another. Unless it is impossible for a good reason, the family/individual providing the bread should bring it on Saturday and attend Great Vespers on Saturday at 5:00 pm. Preparers must attend the Divine Liturgy during which it is offered.

We have a basket containing supplies and recipe and specific instructions to follow in preparing the prosphora. You will only be asked to supply flour and yeast. Training will be provided and assistance is only a phone call away.

For questions or to learn more, please email

The usher ministry at St. Ignatius serves to make each parishioner and visitor feel welcome, informed, comfortable and secure. We assist the clergy as requested in aspects of our worship such as ushering, collecting the offering, and processions. Often the first contact for visitors, we extend hospitality and provide needed information and direction. Our team maintains a presence in the Narthex during services and monitors the church facility in case someone needs our assistance. We also assist with seating as needed.

Men 21 years and older serve on our team on a rotating schedule. To learn more or to volunteer, please email

The Young Myrrh Bearers is a group of young ladies, ages 5 to 16 years old, that is responsible for changing the Liturgical cloths displayed in the church sanctuary in accordance with changes in the Liturgical seasons throughout the Church year.

Joining the Young Myrrh Bearers group is a great way young ladies can contribute to serving our Lord within St. Ignatius Church. This task also helps the young ladies learn and embrace each Feast of the Church year.

For questions or to learn more, please email