Adult Sunday School

We are re-launching the Adult Sunday School class on September 9th at 8:45am! Dn. Michael will be teaching on: This Present Moment: Practicing Authentic Spirituality in an Age of Distraction. He will be using a new book, Time and Despondency by Dr. Nicole Roccas, as his text. This book builds on the work of Evagrius of Ponticus (345-399 A.D.) and his teaching on despondency.

Though this topic might sound esoteric, it’s perhaps even more relevant today, given the popularity of social media and other distractions, than it was in the fourth century. The class will focus on the Orthodox understanding of time and fallen man’s tendency to live in the past of the future – anywhere but the present. It will provide a practical framework for living an authentic spiritual life grounded in the presence of Christ.

If you have not already done so, please RSVP to the Church Office if you are planning to attend.