Electronic Contributions


Following are a couple of online options for making contributions to St Ignatius.


1. Most banks have an online bill pay option. This is free to you and the church, which makes it our preferred option. Your bank will simply mail a check to the church's office. We have a lot of parishioners doing this today.


2. We have created a "Donate" link to the church's PayPal account. Link included below. This can be used for one-time or recurring contributions. PayPal charges the church 2.7% for this method, which is why it isn't our preferred method, but we still want to make it available.



                      Donate with PayPal


We have had a few inquiries about Venmo, Zelle, or other similar payment options. Those products are designed for peer-to-peer payments and their terms and conditions prohibit businesses or nonprofits from utilizing the service (at least the free versions).